Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Update your Memories

Ninety9 Design & Media can now save your cherished moments from that dusty closet and bring back that footage in a digital format that can be saved and watched for years to come.

VHS to DVD or Digital
Not only is VHS out of style and out of date, who has a VCR these days anyway. Even if you are still hoarding a VCR, VHS tapes are notorious for getting ripped, taped over, and broken. By converting your tapes to a digital format we can burn your footage to a DVD or save it to your computer for sharing to family and friends. 

Film & Slide to Digital
Not only can we convert your in motion memories to digital, but also the still versions too! Whether you have 35mm negatives or Slides we can convert all of your images to a viewable or printable format.  

We are a local business, don’t send your cherished footage away with the chance it could be lost forever. We will keep your tapes, film, or slides protected and get them back to you in one piece.