Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How a Creative Window Graphics Can Benefit Your Business

Does your business need an exterior makeover? Sometimes all it takes to catch the eye of your prospective customers is a strategically placed window graphic. No matter the business, window decals and graphics can help offices stand out from competition or announce sales for retail businesses. 

Here are a few benefits of well designed window graphics.

Promote Specials & Sales
With attractive graphics you will make the public curious about what you are offering. You can only do so much advertising online and in newspapers.

Inexpensive Advertising
With a window decal, you not only are showing your customers your location but everything you offer. This will increase word of mouth advertising within your neighborhood and beyond. 

Creative Privacy Shades
Do your customers have a street view of your desk and workspace. Instead of covering up your windows with boring blinds, or leaving the view of everything that goes on inside your business open to passers by, A decorative window film quickly solves these problems and gives the privacy that your clients seek.

If you are interested in a window design, we offer design and printing services. We will customize a design to match your brand and needs.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yes, your business needs a website. Here are 8 reasons why.

1. Gain credibility
Did you know that your potential customer is more likely to choose a business with a website over one without? The consumer finds businesses with websites more credible. This makes sense. Before going to a restaurant for the first time, wouldn't you like to be able to log onto their site to look at photos of the business and browse their menu? I more than likely will not even go to a restaurant unless they have an online presence.  Yes, social media pages will get the information across to the customer and it is free, but having your own domain name and personalized page is a much more professional approach. 

2. Your business's information is always accessible
The internet does not have a closing time. With a website, your most important information is always available to your customer. Hours of operation, lists of services and products, and contact information is easily accessible. This will give your customer a better view of your company, any time of day. 

3. Save time
How many times has your phone rang only to have someone ask what time you close, or if you provide a particular service? These calls will become less frequent if important information and frequently asked questions are posted to your website. This will free up your time from the phone, so you can spend more time running your business. 

4. Stand out from the crowd
When you have a custom designed website personalized for your company's needs you stand out against all of your competitors that have only a Facebook page. Be the company with the most professional site in your field, you will see how the consumer will take notice. 

5. Branding  
Not only will you stand out from the crowd with a personalized site, but take it one step further by incorporating your brand into your site. You can choose a predesigned cookie cutter website service that will give you the same template as all of your competitors, or you can have your site created just for you that matches your business perfectly. 

6. Showcase your work
No matter what profession you are in, it is important to show the consumer the quality of work you produce. As a restaurant you may want to include photos of your most popular dishes. If you build homes, photos of the finished product will motivate the consumer to choose you. Display all of your work on your website, and it is available to your customer any time of day. 

7. Take your business beyond local
When your business is showcased online, you are now accessible to the entire world. Expand your business's reputation and become available to more people. This is something the local phonebook and signage can't do.

8. Digital marketing is more affordable and reaches more of and audience. 
By becoming accessible to a larger audience your advertising dollar goes much further. Placing an ad online is much for affordable than your local newspaper or phonebook, and will reach more people. With the right online marketing strategy your business can grow in half the time. 

Now that I have you convinced you need a website you are wondering what the next step is. We are able to create you a professional and custom designed site that will provide all of the above features. We offer cost effective and beautiful sites for any business. Looking for online marketing too? We also provide online and social media marketing services. 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Ninety9 Design & Media being in its Patterson Township location. To celebrate, we have launched a fresh new design of our website. You can check it out here!

We have added a portion to our site dedicated to our recent work.

What a year it has been. I am so fortunate that my business has grown so much in the last year. I am very grateful for all of my new website clients. I love designing their sites, and helping them thrive online. I hope to expand my client list even more in the upcoming months.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Exciting Things are Happening

As we grow close to our one year anniversary in our Patterson Township location, we are planning an assortment of wonderful additions to our business. 

New Website.
After a lot of restyling we will be launching our new website this coming Wednesday, October 15. A fresh new look and user friendly feel will launch all of the exciting things we have to offer.

Great Articles.
We will be writing and reviewing useful and interesting articles each week to not only keep you informed but entertained. From small business tips to interesting photography tricks, our blog will be updated each Wednesday, so follow us today!

New Clients.
Each new client that we sign on will get a personalized welcome and promotion via each of our social media outlets.

Additional Services.
In the upcoming months we will be adding new things to our expansive list of services. No spoilers yet, but as a hint... we may be able to help you organize a lot of old memories!

So keep in the loop! 
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